Designer Nails

Designer nails are nails that have art work done on them with nail polishes and glitters. Designer nails supplies include nail polishes, nail glitters, nail extensions [acrylic nails], nail foils, self help designer nails kits and nail gels. Designer nails can be designed at home with self help kits or can be done at exclusive nail salon or beauty parlors. People with short nails can still go for designer nails by sticking nail extensions which are made of acrylic and then can be designed with polishes and glitters. Today because of the popularity, nail art is taken up as a profession by people after taking up nail courses. Nail art is done according to the age and the occasion, varying styles, colours and patterns and a touch of creativity are used in designer nails.

History behind Designer Nails

It is believed that designer nails date back from the 3000 B.C when different civilization used different materials to paint their nails. Indians used henna leaves to colour their nails in red, Inca civilization people used to design their nails with the picture of eagle, the Chinese used colour polishes that remained on the nails for a long time and the Egyptians used nail colours to shown distinction in status. But nail art and designer nails started to be renowned after the start of 19th century where small wooden sticks were used to paint the nails with nail polishes. But ever since the designer nails’ fashion and materials used have been evolving to a great extent. But since French manicure was introduced in the 1940s, designer nails have gone through a revolution. You can try your hand in nail art by purchasing a French manicure kit or any designer nails kit. You can also design your nails by just pasting predesigned acrylic nails or designer nails foils. And if you want to become an expert in designer nails you could take up nail courses.

Nail Courses

The options available in doing nail courses are – to learn them from trained experts in nail salons that offer nail courses or from institutes that offer beautician courses or you can master the art even from your home through online nail courses.  Nail courses do not cover just coaching on designer nails and nail art alone, but it starts with hand massage, cuticle removal, nail shaping and nail filing, which is commonly termed as manicure. Typical Diploma courses would include various methods of manicure and nail art. The different types of designer nails techniques would include gel nail courses, acrylic nail courses, fiberglass nail courses, airbrush nail courses, nail art courses, etc. You can choose any of these techniques and depending on your choice the nail courses fee may range between £150 and £500.

After completing your nail courses you may have your nail salon or find jobs in a nail salon. Nail salon is a place which offers manicure, pedicure, nail enhancement, nail designing services. Other than the exclusive nail salon, you can get these services from any beauty salon.